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Tangled Roots

As her mother is dying of cancer, Artemis sits by her bedside reading the diary that she had promised that she wouldn't touch until she was gone. Her diary, a practice of journaling that had started when Melody was eight years old, seems to be simple enough with the story of an 8 year old girl dreaming of living a big, beautiful life.

Her mother had never seemed like that much of a complicated person, full of love and compassion, and the center of the world in terms of family and connection.


However, one small entry sends Artemis into a discovery of truths and painful memories, and into the darkness where the spirit of a little boy had grown into one of vengeance and sorrow. 

August 15, 1954

Johnny Barton pulled my hair today. I had a knife and I stuck it in him. He fell down and didn’t move no more.

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Now the next book to be published from L. K. Clementine and C. P. Ameriqueia. The response has been overwhelming, and we appreciate the support - look forward to this exciting new series with Book 1 coming soon!

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Honey & Stone

They were just three little girls in a world that was dying.

Daddy was the first to go, his body giving into the virus that had changed so many in the world.

Mommy had gone mushroom hunting, and had never come back.

Grandpa and Trevor had gone away to find resources, and they too had never come back.

Maddie, the oldest, was only 10 when Gemmie had died, her body unable to fight off the 'monia, and that had been the worst - because three little girls had to take care of her body so it wouldn't come back on them.

Because the dead kept coming back on them...

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Mom's Lasagna
The First Book in the Saga
The Women of Brodeur
Coming Soon
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Butterfly Collage



C. P. Ameriqueia

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